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  1. william krueger

    help i have been dip free for 4 months. i have been struggling and i failed today i need the support to help me get back on the horse. stress and my overall daily life is getting to me any support would be appreciated

    • Nobody can ever learn anything without failure brother. Take what u have learned in the last 4 months and make it 4 yrs the next time. It’s been 164 days for me today, and I still have cravings that are awful. Best of luck my brother. Hope this ride on the wagon fares u better

    • You need to want to live more than you want to dip. Ive been quit for over 7 months and the urges are strong but we are stronger. You got this my friend keep posting and your life is the most important thing

    • William…. GET BACK ON THE HORSE!!! I am SO envious of you having quit for 4 months!!! You are a STRONG MAN! I have NOT picked a quit day yet… So look how far ahead YOU are!!:) I can’t even take the first step!:( I HOPE AND PRAY I can become strong like you and JUST DO IT!! You may fall off the horse time and again…. It’s OKAY!! As long as….. You GET BACK ON THE HORSE!:) your well on your way, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Look how FAR YOU HAVE COME!! Please, please don’t give up now!!! Good luck to you!!

      • Hang in there. You’ll get to that quit date.

        • My fiancé. Asked me to look at this site. I’ve been dipping snuff for 16 yrs. Am nervous, dipping calms me down. I work in a high stress level job. I go through a can of snuff every 2.5 days. Is that bad ?

          • Hey Neil – tough to say if it’s “bad”. We’ve got forum members who chewed less than a can per week and others than chewed 4-5 cans per day. Personally I was about a can/day for 16 years. When you’re ready, we can help. We’ve got 19,000 + members that “get it” cause we’ve all been there before. Let us know how we can help!

          • Most people dip two to four cans a week. You will get this under control and quit if you want it bad enough. It takes help and support but it cdn be done.

          • I was dipping 2.5 cans a day and quit cold turkey yesterday. The withdrawls are pretty bad but I know I need to quit so I’m making it so far. So you can do it to.

      • How are you doing on that quit date, Annie? Do you have a quit plan? We are all here to help you through this.

    • Hi all. I can’t figure out how to make a new post. Where are the details for the 12% discount for the herbal snuff?

    • Exactly 3 years quit today, so if I can do it you can do it. Quitting has to be more important to you than dealing ‘the stress’ of your daily life. Use something as an aid: I went from Hooch Spitfire, to Sunflower Seeds, to Cinnamon Toothpicks, to not needing anything for the oral fixation. The urge will not leave you. I still ‘want’ to dip often, but I am making a choice not to. Quit everyday, be accountable. Longterm failure on this is not an option.

      • Tarek Chipperfield

        Brant you couldn’t have said it better. I quit chew last September(2013). Today, I am struggling with an urge to go buy a tin. This is not the first time I have had an urge to pick up a tin. However, I do have a choice to NOT chew. Just like you said. I’ll stay strong for my self, wife, and kids. But it is tough sometimes. And for the tough times I come back to sites like this for inspiration and encouragement. So thank you Brant, and all the other positive members here. Cheers. Tarek

    • Day 70. So close to buying a tin last night. Just wanted a few. Didn’t do it. Can’t believe I had such a string urge on day 70. thought I was through the woods. Very scary.

    • Just start over and put one foot back on front of the other. Everyone makes mistakes, it is those of us who keep trying that succeed.

    • Sip on strong tea all day long

    • William,

      Work on changing your mental approach. I see what my life is and will continue to being without this “shit” in my mouth. I can smile and express happiness without worrying about bugs in my grill. I focus on the fact that can be normal and not have to feel like i have to hide my expression of happiness. I tell myself that I want to be happy, and that can of copenhagen is an inhibitor to me being who i really want to be. You see….in my mind I can never go back, I won’t go back. I know if i take a will taste bad and do very little for me maybe a quick head rush. I know that if I take that dip..I jump back to square one (kind of like when you are crate training a puppy, if it sees you it will start the whining from the beginning).

      Just put it down, and focus on the good things you get and when you want one..associate all the feelings/thoughts that you hate about now and grab some freaking seeds, beef jerky dip or tea dip.

      It goes away, but you will always fight this from time to time.

      Sucks but you will get it done.

    • Hello William, My name is Joe, I Live in Arizona, and I have been chewing since I was 20. I started when I was in the Marine Corp. It helped pass the time. 24 years later And I still chew. Today I will quit. I am also a psychology student getting ready for graduate school. I understand what you are going through, but let me tell you about failure, failure is not an end failure is the beginning of success. You now know were you are weak, turn that weakness into strength, and start over again. I will quit today, and I am sure to fail, however I will try again, and I may fail, but I will try again.
      I had a cancer scare the other day, it was a mouth pimple, however, it is no longer, if I get cancer, it is now when I get cancer. That is my story in a nut shell.

      I will be here everyday for help, and I want you to help me. When you read this I want you to say out loud to yourself or someone you love that you are going to help me, quit chewing. Tell that person, you will stop chewing however, if you start again, you will have to tell me that you will NOT be able to help me, because you can’t be trusted to help me. I promise to you, that I will not put that crap in my mouth until you fail again. I give you my WORD AS A US MARINE I will not chew, and I will be here for you. I find my strength in you.

      If you are okay with this, please reply back and we will help each other.

      Joe F.

    • Figured after viewing this post I would share my story in search of perspective. Most people view this is a nasty habit and friends and family are often too disappointed in me which makes sharing my frustrations with nicotine with them uncomfortable and it can end in fighting. In the fall of 2007 I was 15 years old and while attending boarding school I had my first lip – it was skoal spearmint which was given to me by some older students. Smokeless tobacco in every form: chew, dip, pouches and more was huge at this school. I’d estimate 1 in every 5 male students or 1 of every 3 athletes were using it daily. The teachers/dorm parents would catch us in the act (no locks on our doors or in the back of busses) and they would give us the ultimatum of being reported to the dean or swallowing what we had in our mouths and we often opted to swallow. Kids built many stanely cups which if you don’t know is some sort of a prize for finishing hundreds of tins and organizing them into a trophy using a glue gun. Can’t believe I used to be proud of what I did. I used grizzly wintergreen as recently as one week ago. Through my addiction I have tried quitting hundreds of times. My longest quit lasted around 5.5 months. It’s been a long road of quitting and failing repeatedly. I know there are people who have struggled much longer than my seven years and I don’t want this to turn into a decade long affair. I used to tell myself that when I got to college I would stop but I’ll be graduating next year and the problem persists. I run into old boarding school friends who are still using. Now I’m averaging a lip or pouch once every two weeks (kind of an unusual pattern but I’ll explain). I have replaced my addiction with nicotine gum (been doing this for about 1.75 years) and while it isn’t the best or most healthy alternative I swear by it. I am able to achieve 2 months or even 3 months because I chew nicotine gum four times a day. I opt for the 4 milligram pieces and they pack a pretty mean punch. I’ve basically substituted one nicotine addiction for a slightly healthier option. No longer am I hiding in bathrooms when visiting my parents to indulge. I can chew nicotine gum in front of my family or girlfriend and they are cool with it. My crux, my sinkhole, my achilles heal, is when I run into an old friend who wants to reminisce over a “bean” or “banger.” All of my hard work goes out the window when a buddy wants to pack one for old times sake. I’m not sure what is happening to me psychologically in this situation but I always fail in this situation. I’ll continue to cling to my gum for dear life but I know god (dip is the only thing that makes me think about religion) will only give me so many chances before I get mouth cancer. I’ve had dentists scrape white spots from my mouth before. In the old days the grizzly can was all plastic and we used to scrape off the bears mouth (or the kodiak wolf’s mouth) effectively “getting his jaw before it got ours” as the old sang goes. Words of encouragement might finally get me out of this vicious cycle. Hope this post gives YOU courage and hope you can supply some for me. It’s time to put my days as the legendary packer behind me, I want to be the legendary quitter. -JD

    • You’ll need a substitute for the dip….I know every time I want to dip is a situation where I want to relax and enjoy. …dip becomes not merely physiologically linked with relaxation and pleasure but also psychologically linked with it. To over come that you need something of equal stimulus or greater brain stimulus. …something that your brain would jump to and choose instead. Right now I have about 10 minutes before my next client…A perfect time for a pinch of Copenhagen snuff…or some landcaster…to overcome that trigger I had to reply to your comment. …idol hands….stay busy. …and remember stack you stimulus. …I’ve also got a big green tea leaf bag in my mouth and a spit cup….The more you link other activities with stress relief the more you won’t want to dip…. and one last thing. …you have to have a good reason to quit. …make it happen be a hero

    • Hang in there! Today is my 33rd day of chew free. I quit the day Tony Gynn died. It scared the crap out of me. I have a wife and a 3 year old in which i need to j=hang around to make sure they’ll be okay. Don’t give in please. Help me, i just started. Give guys like me something to look forward too. Like wow, look at that dude, its been 4 years! Wow! I’m gonna do the same. Peace!

      • Ron I quit the same day- watching espn I handed almost a full tin to my son and said “. Please throw this out for daddy” he is 11 and has been begging me to quit – 11 years at a tin a day- I can say the oral fixation need is gone- but man – anxiety and lack of sleep have been my mountains to climb- i wake up at 3am every day- sometimes sleep more til 6am sometimes I stay up- i read articles like these to cope. Big coffee drinker like me? Cut back cuz I learned that dip breaks down caffeine – metabolizes it- so we need more to get stimulated – when I quit I drank same amt and it f’d me all up-

        The affirmation in my head that I said the day tony Gwynn died is the same affirmation I use when I crave ” be done and hope it’s not too late for me” … The hope it’s not too late already is what did it for me- place that in your head and say it –

        Congrats to everyone and thank u all for helping me

    • That happened to me before and I waited 20 years to quit again. I stopped June 7 of this year. It’s rough but smoky mountain, nicorette gum are my tools and so far it’s worked but it has been difficult at times . Get yourself some good tools and you can quit again. Never give up bro.

      • Drop the nic gum bud, your just prolonging the inevitable for the day u have no nic gum but u sure will have a convenient store up the street. Thank about it.

    • 4 months is amazing. U be a instant hall of famer at KTC. There’s a bunch of clowns but it’s a great site over all for success in being quit forever. Good luck man.

  2. 100 days of being a quitter today it’s also my sons 3 rd birthday today pretty fricken sweet!!! To know that I now have a better chance of being around for more of his birthdays

  3. Day 2, Fuck man. Every thing is blurred. Anger, dizzyness, thirst. Every punishment of hell coming in me.
    but I knw am recovering, My body recovering.

    Day 2 Live strong. HMMMMMMMMM

    • Yesterday I almost broke my vow, almost man, but just 10 sec prior 2 eat i threw it & Thought just a piece of this shit can’t control me & my body.

      Eeeehhhhmmmmmmm no sign of life,, burning of body, heat stokes, anger, confusion, dimness in vision, all the awful shits in my body.
      but I’ve to resist,

      This is Day 3,
      \/ Live Strong \/
      Body is rollin,
      I know my body is recovering.

      • As the Day 4 passed by; body issues are also passed by.

        No sign of burning, anger,
        Lil dimness/dizziness but it just the recoverable effects

        After a decade use of Dipping & chewing, Finally i think i can overcome this shit.
        But for this I’ve to stay strong, focus.

        This is Day 5
        \/ Live Strong \/

        • My thinking becomes slow, fog becomes high

          Roaming around like demon of hell.. LOL
          :D ;) B)

          Am Speechless right now

          This is Day 13

          \/ Live Strong \/

          No Pain No Gain

          • Day 20

            Live Strong

            Be Strong


          • Dude, you are my hero. After more than 25 years of chewing, you’ve inspired me to quit (again). Three days now. Stuggling but staying clean.

          • Day 40

            Live strong, I’m Strong
            Any Addiction, No Addiction
            :D :P

            It is not so difficult, not so easy to quit

            But we can, We are humans.

            THANKS Atothep

            Stay Strong
            Stay Clean

            Live Strong

            This is Day 40 \/

  4. i have been dipping for 4 years i am 7 days with out it it is killing me but i am doing it for my girl she hats it i need some soport i am only 16years old and am arond it all the time

  5. Wow. Day 3 with 3 day lead. Wow.

  6. Bronc – Day 30 – Quitting strong with the Poon Platoon

  7. boards still down so posting roll, day 8 still nic free, i quit again today

  8. 100 days today! I used the fake stuff for about the first month… Gum once in a while now takes care of the “need it” now fix. This site helped a bunch on a few of those first tough days. Thanks!

  9. Been quit for 5 weeks. Week 3 was the worst for me. When I get a Copenhagen craving I just google oral cancer pics and look at them. That helps and the craving go away. I chew PUR gum and use Bacc Off. I’m down to about 5 dips of Bacc off a day. I was 2 cans a day. So if I can do it so can you. 20 years of Copenhagen.

    • 20 for me too. The bacc off helps but I hate it. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. It will be hard going back to the beach and not having any

    • I never tried to reduce my use of herbal snuff. It completely satisfies the need. I’ve been using it for 5 years now. It keeps me from snacking so I never gained weight. After almost 50 years of tobacco I was ready to quit. I started using Bac off in March 2009 and from the first day I never had any withdrawal. It totally fooled my brain. Dont give up. It will work.

      • I have been using herbal snuff for about a year. I used it to quit smokeless and smoking. I will eventually stop that also but for now it works. 400 days clean from both.

  10. help me stop

  11. Read this if trying to quit:

    Like I have said before there is no magic relief when quitting. It sucks for everybody you are no different.

    Here is how you quit:
    -Make a date to quit and stick to that date. Do not change it and do not make a bullshit reason to put it off.
    -Most of all it is going to take will power. Be strong and fight.
    -Stay positive, do not make quitting harder than it really is.

    Things that you can stick in your mouth that may help: fake chew, beef jerkey, cotton balls, halls menthol cough drops in the BLACK bag, toothpicks.

    I am almost at 100 days of quitting dip. I dipped about 2 cans a day for 15 years.

    I have dealt with enormous pressure and stress during that time from home and work but I still won the quit battle.

    I feel good now and I will never let that nasty shit control my life again.

  12. Been quit for 295 days been working out in the yard all weekend and want to load my lip up bad

  13. The more I want to quit the more I want to chew(NEED HELP)

    • Hang in there man you can do it .it might be hard from time to time but it will get easy

    • You can try Alan carrs book. Supposed to make you give up without being miserable. Hang in there. You will surprise yourself at how your efficiency increases without tobacco

  14. I’m 88 days quit. For the past several days I’ve had cravings that are just as strong as they were during my first week of quitting. Not sure why this is…been a tough week trying to stay dip free

  15. Help I have been dipping for nearly 28 years. My wife hates it and I know it costs a fortune. I get so mad and pissed of I am afraid if I dont dip I will lose my temper and do something stupid but I really Really need to quit HELP

  16. After using Grizzly Wintergreen for 13 years I have decided to throw the can away and not look back. My dad chewed tobacco for twenty years and he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 1997. I’ve decided that Im not gonna follow in those footsteps and spend 20 bucks a week on something that could kill me. Im a funeral director and I see the effects that tobacco has so I should know better. Good luck to the rest of you guys!

  17. I’ve been dipping for 5 years and I’ve recently found my addiction is uncontrollable and it’s became something I need daily to keep myself going. It’s scary knowing I rely on a product that has a negative effect towards my health and I WANT to quit it’s just so hard as you all know. The questions that linger in my head are where do I start? What’s the best methods? How do i cope with the stress I’ve previously relieved with chewing tobacco?

    • Hi Jamie – welcome! I’d suggest you start by joining our forum at – we’ve got over 19,000 members that “get it” cause we’ve all been right where you are now. We understand what you’re going through and are about to embark on. As for best methods… I’d suggest going cold turkey all the way. It WILL suck… but it’s the best and fastest way to regain your freedom. As for coping methods, I’d go with exercise, finding a hobby and possibly some fake chew to handle the oral fixation: Let me know how we can help!

  18. Why do my co workers have to leave Copenhagen cans laying around. I’ve been quit for 54 days and every time I see a can I think I could eat the shit out of a can. It’s been tough but I’m making it.

  19. Layed down the snuff 2 days ago i started using smokey mointain wintergreen so far so good ive not wanted a real pinch of snuff yet

  20. Hi All, I was a tobacco chewer (with the betel nut from Indian subcontinent) for almost 10 years. I can vouch that although I havent always been successful in quite attempts, it is still possible to be happy after quitting (or not miserable) if we remove the assumption that tobacco makes us feel better (apart from the intial buzz which lasts for a few seconds and doesnt even happen after we get hooked!)

    First attempt: Successful, long but unhappy

    After I found out I was pregnant, I quite cold turkey for the 9 months. While I succeeded, I ended up being very miserable about it. I believed I couldn’t concentrate or so any work efficient, without noticing that despite being heavily pregnant, I moved house, unpacked and worked late hours even the last month of pregnancy!

    Second Attempt: Successful but this time – HAPPY

    Once I gave birth my husband gave me some smokeless as a celebration (as opposed to the traditional champagne celeb..) and after the research on the tobacco content, we concluded it wont affect the breastmilk much, especially that I took a few sprinkles each day. But still every time my baby even sneezed, I thought it was because of that and as a result whether it was affecting the baby or not, it was affecting my guilt. I decided to quite BUT this time- I did NOT want to be miserable as that would mean not enjoying my baby’s first months. So I started refraining but then having a bit once after many days (usually 7) way after the last feeding. I started to notice how it didnt relax me as I thought and it just left me craving for the next one in the next week. My thoughts were confirmed and more, when I read Allen Carr’s easy to quit book and this time I quit being happy (I do recommend that book- badly written but makes sense)! Stayed quit for 5 months but last month went on holiday and made the mistake of that “one”.

    THIRD Attempt: Mixed feelings but at least I know it is possible to be HAPPY!

    After that one in the holiday, ended up chewing on and off for two weeks! I have quit again now though am a little demotivated by the “failure”. But at least I know it is possible to quit and be happy. If we start to notice the gains rather than assuming we are worse off.

    One thing that did help me was chewing cloves (strong spice). Does anyone know if there are any harmful effects of chewing cloves? I chew a few of it about 4 times a day but often take a bigger bunch at night.

    BEST OF LUCK to everyone…..Scare Tactics never work for me so I hope you will be motivated by the few positive points above.

  21. Trying to quit for the 3rd time now, I have done the seeds didnt help me, and i tried GRINDS last time, it was better was better.. Im thinking of trying Jakes mint chew or Hooch .. any reviews or suggestions ?

  22. This causes CANCER..!!!!!! Read!!!!

    If you have quit that is great but there are some things that need to be said about dipping:

    1)There is a chemical addiction
    2)There is a physical addiction / habit

    When you quit nicotine is completely out of your body by the end of day 3. So, the chemical part is over at that point.

    However, the physical addiction / habit of having something in your mouth is not over. You will have to stop putting shit in your mouth to get over the habit.

    My point is the first few weeks if the quit is tough so use the fake dip. Then try to break the habit completely and quit the fake shit too.

    In my opinion you have not quit completely if you are still putting stuff in your mouth. The only thing you have done if using fake dip is stopped nicotine and dragging on your quit attempt.

    Most things in life that are worth doing are not easy. Quitting a bad habit like this will not be easy. But it will be worth it.

    I am on day 96 and very proud of myself. I feel good and I showed myself and everyone else I can do it. Just quit your pitty party and break this habit.

    Thanks for reading,

    • Brian
      I am having the same issues. I quit on January !st of this year, so it is 37 days today. Before quitting I was to bed @11 or so and up at 6 or so. Now i am in bed by 10 and up at 4:30 or 5.

  23. Well everyone I am 18 years old I decided to quit dipping back around the middle of march . I cant remember that well because I have been occupying my self to get into better shape as I am 350+ lbs =( the bad part is I have been eating sunflower seeds like crazy and found out that is bad because of the salt in them. I have been dipping since I was 13 about a can a day. When I first quit I quit cold turkey. I gathered up the last 3 cans of my log I had and threw them away then told my mom. She seemed more happier than me lol. However Today I had a slip up and found a old can of some cope and threw a dip in after adding some water. I was sitting their for about 10 mins and was thinking to my self “is this what It has come down to?” so i spit out the dip and now I am typing this message. As I have been using this as a type of a way to learn different ways and see how others are dealing with it. I just want to share with yall. It is hard to quit dont let others tell you different. Everyone is different my grandpa dipped 3 cans a day and chewed for about 35 years. It took him 2 years to fully quit dipping so everyone is different. I just want to share with yall to let you all know that is it worth it =) I have managed to lose 15 lbs and I feel better about my self. I am not as moody as I was when I dipped. I have also noticed that I feel more awake when I wake up and not have to think “Daym where is that can I had” lmao. Well thats about it yall i decided to share some of my story with yall and hope my brothers and or sisters keep killing the can =). I believe in yall and so does everyone else weather or not they are aware of your struggle.

  24. Hey guys.. glad to be on board the quit train :) I dipped for 4 yrs and I wont lie I loved it. I quit about a week or so ago. To help me over my nico cravings I just bought the nico gum and chew it when I feel the urge to buy a can. Soon that gum will no longer be needed. Here’s my story.. I’ll make it brief. I simply started finding lesions on both sides of my jaw one day.. that’s all it took.. every time I put a dip in it burned those sores in my mouth. My tongue stayed with some sort of sore all the time. I realized later the ph balance in my mouth was all messed up from dipping. Look guys… you can argue all the day long about will it give you cancer or won’t it. Here’s the fact of the matter.. when you go to the doc one day and they examine your mouth or throat and discover that you do indeed have oral cancer all of your arguments for the stuff will go down the drain in a heart beat. I know.. I was there.. I felt my gut hit the floor when I thought that this was some sort of cancer cells popping up in my mouth. Yes I know ppl who lived a clean life doing nothing at all to even come close to getting cancer end up dying from it after all. Yes .. we are all going to the grave that’s a fact.. but I don’t need anything in my life nudging me towards it or even helping me along. Also.. sometimes its not just the dying its how you died..what you had to go through before you died. Chemo.. treatments.. fear your number got called for the “c” word… Im sorry but if you wanna keep on dipping that’s all on you.. defend it.. promote it.. do whatever… but by some chance you find out that oral cancer has beaten your statistics and “odds” you’ll sure bet you wished you quit a long time ago. Peace!

  25. So frustrated… Ive been on the patch for a week now.. sometimes it helps sometimes it just plain doesn’t help at all. Ok.. so after a bad stressful day I got a dip.. 10 minutes felt like an hour .. it just totally relaxed me but I know this isn’t the answer. I stay on the nico patch no matter what. I may fall now and again but Im determined not to go back to the can. this is harder than I ever imagined it would be. So some support here would be nice. I feel like im failing..

    • Tscotty – I just answered another comment from someone who’s in a similar situation…

      “The fact that you’re using the patched believe it or not is hurting your quit. They contain nicotine so they’re actually feeding into what your body is craving (nicotine) by giving you a small dose. When you cut out those patches, you’re going to go into withdrawal again. It’s going to suck, but I’d suggest cutting them out. Until you do, you can’t TRULY begin your recovery.

      From the time you take off your last patch, it will take 72 hours (3 days) for the nicotine to work its way out of your body. In that meantime, drink lots of water to flush it out of your system.

      That said, once you get over that hump, things WILL slowly get better… and before you know it you’ll gain something you’ve not had in decades: FREEDOM.”

      If you haven’t yet, I’d strongly urge you to join our forums at – we’ve got over 19,000 members that “get it” cause we’ve all been there before. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from people who understand what you’re going through cause we’ve all been there before.

      • Chewie thank you brotherman! I was kinda feeling alone in my efforts to kick that stupid can of dip out of my life. To remind myself why I quit I constantly force myself to look at pictures of people with oral cancer from dipping. Its a harsh way to keep yourself motivated but I am desperate to quit and if seeing the after effects of dipping is what it takes for me then I’ll do it. I’ve only quit now for about a week. Yesterday I feel off the wagon with a 10 minute dip then spit out and brushed my teeth. You’re right about the nico patches cause Im finding that they either make me sick feeling or they don’t do me any good if I go with a smaller dose. So yes, I’ll dump the patches to. I’m gonna quit Chewie.. one way or another I am gonna quit this crap for good. Thanks brother for the support!! I need it.

        • Bought a can today.. I caved in.. but after my first dip for about 5 seconds I spit it out and threw the can out the window going down the road. Damn that stuff.. all I could think of was all the toxins going into my tongue and cheek.. then I thought again of seeing some sort of cancerous tumor growing and that was enough to scare me again to dump the can again.. No sir… I’m doing all I can to keep the dip and the cancer out of my mouth.. it was a waste of money to even buy the can but that’s ok cause I know that wont be a repeat. So I’m doing better..

  26. I was searching for a way to give my wife and kids the gift of me quitting for Mother’s Day. I was looking for something to write about that if she is willing to put up with the BS, I’m willing to quit. I’m giving her my last can with a note. Now that note will include a reference to KTC along with some of the info I found here in regards to what to expect. This is great and looks like a great crutch to help me along my journey.
    I have been dipping for 37 years and the last time I tried to quit, a couple of months into it my wife flipped out and called me a few choice names, left the house and brought me a can back. Said she was tired of stepping on eggshells a hole. That was not the day I started over it was a long fishing trip that sent back over the edge. Oh well here I go again.

  27. I just thought it was interesting that at day 69 I am still struggling with my attitude. I am getting better, but still not the person I am or want to be. Wow, I was a lot nicer person when I was chewing. My husband is a saint! and I bet I’m making my kids saints:)

  28. Hey guys.. Well my battle with kicking the dippin habbit has not been successful as I had hoped. Being back on the job meant getting right back into the habbit. Now I’ve down the research on nicotine in and of itself and I have no more issues with nicotine as i do caffine. Say what you will but research does support the arguement that though it is addictive there are alternatives. I know this site has looked into herbal chews and so I ordered my own to give it a try. Elicit herbal chew has no tabacco in it just usually mint leaves but you can buy it with or without nicotine. So my order has been placed to give it a go. So if kicking the can out of your life seems to be impossible I would invite you to do your own looking into the herbal chew alternatives such as Elicit. They are the only brand of herbal dip that gives you the nicotine you want without all the cancer causing mess in normal dip. Im sure I’ll have a few heated posts to this but I’m open for talking about it. Give me your thoughts and tell me if you’ve tried this product and what you thought about it.

    • I’ve tried Elicit (review here: and like it quite a bit. Unlike you, I went with the nicotine-free version because I’m free from my addiction at this point. I’m not quite sure why you’d choose the nicotine laced variant over the nic free version if you’re looking to quit. Certainly not a route I’d suggest as you haven’t REALLY done much other than modify your delivery method. Yes, you’re probably better off chewing Elicit as opposed to Skoal or Cope, but in my opinion, just marginally. My two cents.

      • You bring up a great point Chewie. I guess for me I never had an issue with the use of nicotine no more than I do with caffine. The main reason for me was this. After years of back surgeries and taking medications (pain killers) I began to notice that after a long painful day at work the meds just wasn’t taking the edge off the pain and relaxing me much. I guess I had just grown too used to the meds and their effects on me over the years was growing lesser.
        So I went to drinking kinda heavy to help with this but that wasn’t a route I wanted to go cause heck I didn’t need to become an alcoholic on top of everything else. Thats where dipping came in. After taking my meds I’d get a dip and that seem to be just the bump I needed to get me through a long work day since I can very well drink a few beers on the job..(though that could be kinda nice at
        Well I needed “something” and when I took my first dip after taking my prescribed dose of meds it actually helped me to relax a bump more. It took the muscle spasms down a great deal but then there’s the whole worry of the cancer causing carcenogens that comes with tobacco. I got desperate Chewie cause to be honest I really didn’t want to stop dipping but I also didn’t want cancer. So after researching nicotine to its fullest I never really came to the conclusion that nicotine was any better or worse for me than caffine was. But there had to be something better than the dang nico-patches or gums that didn’t help at all. I saw your review on Elicit and looked those guys up. A light in the darkness so to speak when they gave the choice of either having a dip with or without the nicotine. So that’s where I am in my journey i guess on this slippery slope.

  29. Hello everyone.
    Im 22 and today I started noticing white little bumps on my upper lip thats where I primarily chew. I went to wmd to see some symptoms of orcal/lip cancer and I have them not all but some. I dont have the dental insurance right now to get an exam so im quit nervous. I started chewing when I was about 17. I chew a can a day idk basically im freaking out because I turned to chew after getting sober 2 years from today. So im most deffinetly needing the help. It seems simple to quit but its not. Stress plays a big part none the less I chew when I work or watch movies etc. Im going to look into the fake dip really I just need the suggestions and all the advice I can get. Also congrats to everyone who has kicked the dip!!!

  30. I’m on day 23 of my quit. Feeling pretty good about it overall. I have definitely had urges to dip over the past couple of weeks. I miss it. I’m not going to lie. I really liked it. I honestly don’t think i was ever chemically or biologically addicted as I could go without, and did dozens of times, for days and weeks. But I really liked the habit, routine part of it. Was probably addicted to that part. I have been especially tested the last couple of days due to some “domestic intranquility”. Typically, the wife and I would get into it and then after she had gone to bed, I’d stealthily head out to the 7-Eleven just down the street and buy a fresh tin of Kodiak. It was heaven. During the heat of the argument I always knew in the back of my head that no matter how this painful experienced ended, I had a nice chewy treat coming and frankly it made her easier to deal with. Classic crutch. BUT … the last couple of incidents I didn’t succumb. I didn’t cave. I can with great confidence say that without this site and my pledge to quit every day (and it is a day by day thing) I wouldn’t have been able to do that. So thank you KTC and thank you to my fellow quit group members. For all of you who haven’t joined a quit group, go now and do it. It’s really really helpful and just might save your life.

  31. Ok I get the foggy ness I get the sick stomache and no sleep but I keep gettin chest pains from time to time ? Is this normal ?

  32. A drastic plan…. So I am determined to kick the can out of my life for good. I know many of you hate nicotine and are against it but as I’ve researched nicotine is no more harmful than caffine but its all the carcenogens in tobacco that the danger truly lies in wait. So I am on nicoderm cq for now. I plan on quitting nicotine all together in my quest to stop dipping.
    So .. what do I do for that need for something in my mouth when I really want somethng to dip? Well I drink herbal tea in the mornings.. good tasting stuff.. when Im done with the tea bag and its still wet I cut it open and get a pinch for my lip. The nicoderm patch takes care of the nicotine cravings so now I can have a “dip” even though its a herbal tea bag and still have the needed nicotine. And really its not too bad. Taste nothing like my normal dip but it packs really well and I have no fear of cancer or anything else. Win Win for me :)

  33. I’ve chewed cope for 30 years and quit cold turkey jan 1 2014. I’ve made it almost 5 months now and it hasn’t been to hard but for some reason now I’m really thinking about chewing again. Why?

  34. Today is week 4. I’ve bought multiple cans of bacc off, tea za, hooch, and mint snuff. Tea Za seems to taste the best but they all help reduce the craving. Hoping to walk away from this 32 year habit. Good luck to everyone leaving this shit behind us.!

  35. I had quit a few times and after a month I would go back. It gets worse each time. Once I made up my mind, it was like a miracle. The herbal snuff completely fooled my brain. I used all forms of tobacco. I just switched brands from Bacoff to Hooch whisky flavor and really love the mellow longlasting flavor.

  36. I here a lot of people talk about herbal chew being the gateway to a successful quit. Which brand should I look into?? Smokey mountain, Baccoff, or Hooch? Smokey Mountain is my too pick right now but I need advice.

  37. This will be my 3rd week, chew free after about 17 years.. and so far it is going surprisingly well… I am using Hooch during my baseball games, which would have been my biggest trigger and so far so good.. I would love to try some Smokey Mountain, I hear it is the closest thing to skoal.. but i live in Canada and I cant find it anywhere. does anyone know of any Canadian distributors ? I have msged Smokey Mountain but still haven’t heard back..

  38. I use Hooch whiskey flavor. It takes a little to adjust to the flavor but its delicious

  39. Well this whole week I’ve done really good staying off the can of Cop Wintergreen. I’ve kept up with lowering my nicotine intake with the nic-patches and soon hope to be totally off of it all very soon. I’ve had a few small dips through out the week but I don’t keep it in my lips for more than five minutes until i finally spit the mess out. I guess I’ve grown kinda scared now of dipping. Hope that doesn’t sound weak but each time I put a pinch in I keep thinking is this the one dip that’s gonna cause me to get oral cancer? This is after being that 4 yr dipper and dipping up to two cans a day to now being scared to death of keeping a dip in longer than a few minutes.
    It’s strange how certain things can change your perspective on what you do. I work with guys who smoke like chimney’s every day and I think “don’t you guys ever worry about freakin cancer???”.

    I’ve had the occassional sores on my tongue or cheek over the years but I guess one day I woke up and said hey man.. this stuff may not kill you but it may cause you to lose half your face from cancer. Doesn’t that freak you out? And when I was honest with myself I realized that yeah.. it did freak me out…a lot! Sure I know guys now that’s dipped or smoked for decades and had no problems it seemed but one day.. out of nowhere it will eventually catch up to you.

    But I know how hard it is to stop a bad habbit. Hell, I still have my few beers when I get off work and all that… and that’s bad enough but good grief do I really need uping the anti so to speak on some major health issue by adding more bad habbits to my life? Hell no!.

    So guys ( and gals to ) there’s a lot already in this world that can give us health problems.. the food we eat, air we breathe, and heck even the water now has so much floride in it you have to use a purifier to clean that out. Why would we willing do something we know can very well cause even more and worse damaging effects on our bodies?? It’s just not worth it! Period!

    Somethings are worse than death.. like going through tons of surgeries to remove cancer, having your face disfigured from having your jaw and tongue removed. And even then your chances of surviving are slim. We all know that cancer always seems to come back again. So if you’re here and wanting advice on quitting or why your should quit dipping I hope you read my post. Once you start down the nicotine road its hard as hell to get off….. and some ppl never get off or live long enough to get off of it.

    My 2 Cents!. Chewie.. i know you’re gonna read this before posting and I wanted to say thank you and the admins for all you do in bringing awareness to people and giving them a place to vent, give support, and find help. You all earned your wings brotherman. God bless!

  40. Just past the 100 day mark. Feels good. Sad to see some people have fell off the wagon. Scares me a little bit. Hope they can start over and learn. I will constantly fight. Cant beilive i quit for a woman, but i did and i cant thank her enough. Love you megan. going to keep on keepin on. Best of luck to me and the rest of yall.

  41. I’m today chew free I know its not very long buys its felt like forever to me I chewed grizzly wintergreen I’m using jerky chew to help but its rough

  42. I thought it sucked for the first couple of weeks but it gets easier. Almost cracked after 5 months with ball and fishing but got some smokey mountain herbal snuff and it got me through it. Just be stubborn and you’ll be fine.

  43. Know it is going to be tough but you be tougher and it will be fine.

  44. So, I just quit… like on the 29th. The urges come and go, sometimes really bad, other times not so much. I chew a lot of gum now.
    I have periodic energy surges and then sudden “dropouts” or decreases in energy levels. Is this normal?

    • Yes… drops in energy are perfectly normal early in your quit. Hang in there. It may take a while and your “normal” may be different, but you’ll get back there.

  45. On day three of quit. Was going to head out for a morning coffee and thought about picking up a tin. I googled quitting dip and this site came up. After reading the cancer stories and seeing folks going through ridiculous pain to stay quit, it looks like this is going to be a tough road…going to join this site and hope for the best.

  46. Been diiping for around 15 years on and off. Tried to quit in the past but never with any luck. Found the website and realize I am not the only one trying to better myself. This is a great site and congrtates to all of you have taken the steps on quitting. So all wish me luck. Thanks

  47. I have been dipping for nearly 37 years of my life. I quit once for 5 years, but went back and now have been dipping for 14 years. I have serious medical problems, such as A-Fib and Diabetes. I so want to quit dipping but fear it is impossible without going to a rehab center. When I try and stop, I literally go into fits. Im afraid quitting will put me into a heart attack, because I get so worked up. Any advice out there?

  48. I am knew to this site and am currently going through my own struggles with dip (Copenhagen). I’ve tried in the past but failed miserably and now realize I cannot do this alone and need support. I have not suffered any medical issues (yet) but would like to be around to see my children grow up. I’ve decided it’s time and am seeking the advice/experience of others to help me on the long journey. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Darren,
      I have read “don’t quit for anyone else”. I quit for someone; my three year old daughter. I dipped for 15+ years. On 01-27-2014 I decided it is time to quit being a selfish bitch and just quit. If you decide to keep on dipping just go ahead and figure out what you will tell your children one day when you have cancer and you will be leaving them forever.
      The best thing to do is to be tough quit now. No other day or time will be any better to quit than now. Quitting has been hard for everyone, you are no different. You can quit just like I did. It will suck bad for a couple weeks.
      Quitting does not give you an excuse to treat your family or friends like shit either. Just quit before it kills you and devastates your family.

      Cold turkey is the only way to quit.

      Thanks for reading,

      • Makes sense Tuck. Thank You. Day 3 of my quit and your words have helped tremendously. Fuck that shit, I don’t need it anymore. I know I’m in for a long fight, but it’s time – and I’m ready.

  49. Day 105 , a special thanks to Jakes,after 50 some years been tough, its time for dental work had 2 pulled last friday have about 3 more to go thanks chewing tobacco.

  50. I am so impressed that you quit chewing after 50 years, I chewed for less than 30 and am still whining! Keep up the good work!

  51. Has anyone tried nicotine replacement therapy and been successful? Ive been a 3 tin a week dipper for the past year and a half and i dont see myself being able to just quit cold turkey.

  52. Day 99 and I’m very dependent on Smokey Mountain and sunflower seeds now. Any suggestions for the next step? haha

    • Marco – I chewed the fake stuff daily for a good 200+ days. One day I just sort of stopped reaching for it. That being said, I’ve always been of the opinion that I’d rather chew a can/day of the fake stuff for the rest of my life than ever have another dip of Kodiak.

  53. I have chewed a can a day for 3 years now and my gums dont look good. I dont want to quit but i know i need to or else i could develop cancer. I need to want to live more than i want to dip. Its hard to quit but i quit for a week once and started again after getting in a fight. Stay strong everyone. I need a quit date

  54. Guys its been a tough process for me. I quit then start again, then quit then start again. This morning riding to work I was reminded yet once again this has to stop once and for all after hearing about Tony Gwynn’s death DUE TO SMOKELESS TOBACCO!! That was my wake up call screaming at me stop using this mess! I’ve made every excuse in the book every time i bought another can, saying i need this, it helps me to calm down and deal with the stresses of life and so on.. but it’s just not worth the risk of hearing I have cancer! I just pray to the good Lord I’ve stopped in time. I’ve dipped for 4 to 5 years and going through 2 cans a day.. its time to let this demon go and kick it out of my life for good! RIP Tony…

  55. Which of the smokeless alternatives is closest to Red Seal Fine Cut Natural?

  56. Day 131. I have to say im quit for good. My cave use to be alcohol. Everytime i drank i had to chew. It doesnt make me cave at all in anymore. Good luck to the rest of u. I was a 14 yr dipper 2 cans a day. Now 0. U guys can do this. My brother got me on this site. He quit before me but now caved. Good luck to all of u….

  57. Started my Quit 6/16 at lunch. Got in my car to drive to the gym and heard the news of Tony Gwynn dying from salivary gland cancer @ 54. Wake up call. 3 days in and I only think about throwing a dip in about every second of the day.

    • Hang in there Greg – Day #3 is traditionally the worst. Keep fighting!

      • Day 5 has been terrible! This day cannot go by any slower. Once I get home I will be fine, but my trigger is work. I’ve got two kids and need to quit. I went 77 days and 44 days, but came back to the Swedish Snus each time. Trying to quit again with Tony Gwynn in mind.

    • Greg,
      I read your post. You will think about it every second of the day. It gets MUCH better every day that goes by. It will not be easy but you will quit one day either by your choice or when it kills you.
      I thought I would rather quit before I have serious health problems. Most people wait till they have cancer. I will not let things like dip control my life or kill me.
      I want to know for myself I can control my mind. When you are addicted to something you are not in control.

      Take this day by day, be strong, and quit

      • Day 7 just passed and it is getting easier with each day. You were right. And man have I been putting myself to the ultimate test of self control…golf tournament, cookouts, cocktails…..slow days at work….all my triggers!

  58. I have chewed since I was 16. I turn 40 in August. I have failed quitting many times but really want to do it before my 40th. Tony gwynns death was a reality check. I have succeeded at most things in my life that I have out my mind to but quitting chewing is a tough one. Any support is appreciated an I admire each and every one of you that has quit this nasty habit.

  59. This site is great. I am out of chew and going to quit today. After about 12 years of dipping I quit for 16 years and then stupidly started again about 4 years ago. I’ve been trying setting quit dates and failing. Reading info and posts is helpful.

  60. New to this site and it’s been a boat load of help, I’m on day 5 now of being dip free! I had quite a scare after dipping for 9 years and had a very sensitive tooth and gum line and of course assumed the worst. I went to the dentist and he said my teeth and gums were fantastic but at my age (25) it would be a hell of a lot easier to quit and recommended it with my beautiful mouth as he stated. I initially was just going to quit that one day before the dentist like always but strolled over to this site! Thank god! I have only had one craving since I was scared I was gonna lose my jaw with the sore tooth and gum pain and now feel like I’ll be done for good! To fill my craving I smoked half a cigar which I know is just as bad but hell at least it’s not fibreglass in my lip! And that made me feel uneasy which is what I wanted! I will keep everyone updated on this exciting journey that has made me feel better about life even in just five days! Also one thing to help is posting the quote “shut the door for today, not tomorrow” all over my house. Let’s go for day six…hell yeah!

  61. I want to quit. I have terrible gas. my farts are hot. the smell makes my eyes water. If I fart in my car, I can still smell it when i get back in the next day. I farted in bed and it woke me up, my girlfriend was still asleep but I was terrified she would open her eyes, dear lord the smell is awful. I think the dip is messing up my stomach. my neck dosen’t “hurt” but i can feel minor swelling in my throat area. I am bi-polar and use tobacco as an anti depressant. It gives me energy to push through at work. I quit for 30 days and got super depressed and started again. It will be the end of me, I need help. The patches are not strong enough, I end up using both at same time raising my addiction. Must fight for myself, no one will do it for me, need help i am not winning this battle, oh god i just farted again it smells, I never knew i was capable of producing such a foul odor. If I was an xmen this would be my super power

  62. I’m David, I’m 18 been rubbing since I was 12 I go through roughly a can and a half a day sometimes 2 cans a day. I live in West Virginia but an average can here is $2.50. Prices literally raise everyday. Last week I went in and bought a can it was $2.40 next time I went in the next day later it was 2.49. I bought some today it was $2.53. I been trying to quit for a year but my friends are all smokers and dippers and when I try to quit I don’t wanna be around for the 1st couple days cause the cravings for it. So I really don’t have a support group. I need help

  63. So after a long time debating I have finally decided to quit chewing. I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile now but have always found an excuse to not. Last week I found out my mother has be diagnosed with breast cancer, that was the final push. Today I have made it the whole day with out a dip and I tell you what i dont feel you any different. I have been chewing a tin a day for about 7 years now. The last few days I have cut back having only one or 2 lippers a day leading up to my quit day of today. Got a long way to go but need to quit this shit for my mother,

  64. Well I been doing snuff since my parents let me at age 8. Oh I would go through a can a day and want to stop but whenever I try I can’t go into a store without getting at least three cans at once. And I just found out that I have testicular cancer. However they said I have the odds of beating it. And so I want to just so I can also make my life last longer. And I have two kids also who need me.

  65. 12 days in, no dips. Not gonna lie, was pretty rough at first and know I have rough days ahead. I was proud that I passed up the urge when in the stores several times. Now it is just getting it out of my head, mostly the fear! I go to the doctor for a physical in a month and will be nervous about something being off in my blood work. Also going to the dentist after about 4 years so nervous about that as well. BUT, 12 days in from a can a day habit, going strong.

  66. Day #8 off chew.. chewed for 7 years so this is a bit rough. I still get cravings after every time I eat, drive, take a shower etc. I can do this!

  67. hello everyone, my name is Tyler and I am quitting TODAY. I play college baseball and it’s hard to go throughout a day without tobacco, and I realized that I’m just putting cancer in my mouth. I need all of the support I can get because my dad has cancerous genes and I don’t want to risk the health problems. If someone can get back to me and help me out that would be so much better. Are there any things that may constitute for the chew? I need ALL the help I can get because I WILL quit today.

    Tyler D.

    • Hey Tyler,
      I started chewing when I was 16 playing baseball with a senior team..and I had not stopped until about 3 months ago, I just turned 30… Every time i would quite baseball would would ruin it. I totally get what it is like to be surrendered by the diamond and want a chew. I still struggle today, but I’m telling you get gets much easier. After about 2 weeks i didnt really crave it anymore other then around baseball, but i have found that Hooch herbal chew has really helped me out. I can play the entire game with it in, and I would never know the difference. Try out all the alternatives and find one that works for you. After 14 years I cant afford to go back on it. too much to live for.. But seriously but the original 2 weeks in and you will find it much easier.
      You got this

    • Tyler, I started while playing baseball and chewed and dipped until 1151 days ago. I feel your pain. I substituted unpopped popcorn seeds and chewed them. Won’t work for everyone but helped me. By the way I am now 61 years old and play dip free in both the 45+ and 55+ senior baseball league. Trust me, it does get easier with time. First game without dip, first time playing golf, first time cutting the grass was TOUGH. Keep at it.

  68. Tyler,

    Be tough because addiction is pretty tough, itself. Smokey Mountain fake chew really helped me, especially with the habitual part of chewing. Even when I feel tense, like a need a chew, Smokey mountain helps me. God Bless, colleen

  69. I have been tobacco free (Dip) for 7 months now! When I feel the craving, I reach for the Smokey Mountain. I miss it, but not the nicotine. One thing I never did though was use dip more than (long cut) 4 dips a day, and (Pouches) 4 dips a day…unless drinking but still not a can…lol I could never bring myself to doing a can a day, I would get a headache! I feel I have kicked the habit, especially since my buddies still use around me and I have my good old fake stuff.
    ****Advice**** Find a substitute, leave the blanky. Do things/go places you can’t put a chaw in, places you look ridiculous.
    ***Reason for quitting****Retiring from the military after 20 years….retiring the habit too!

  70. Day 10 still pretty rough when do i start feeling great?

  71. I’ve chewed over 30 years..I quit 3 days ago..I’ve bee chewing Nicerette gum and it doesn’t reall do much for me..I’m having the worst craving for a dip and I’m moody.
    What else can I try besides the gum that works?

    • Corey – the problem with the gum is that it contains nicotine. Every time you chew a piece you’re reintroducing the drug into your system. If you’re craving (and you will) the sooner you get the NICOTINE out of your system the sooner you can truly start your recovery. There are some great products that look/feel like dip, but contain no tobacco/nicotine. These can be a lifesaver for some (myself included).

  72. Day #11 cold turkey: wow this has been a rough one.. I would compare it to day. #3. I bought a can, was gonna put in a dip but something made me throw it in the dumpster. 6 years of dipping a can a day is a long time but I never knew the control it had over me. I will keep posting as the days pass.. it seems to help.

    • Day 14 still craving but not as bad as before. This is the longest I’ve quit for, I got this habit under control now just gotta stay strong. Already got my 100th day marked on the calendar, I’m pumped. Btw this site has really helped me. Thank you all

      • Day 15- I feel great guys. I can tell you I’m not goin back. Smokey Mountain does help with that oral fixation and the occasional handful of seeds, but Ive suddenly stopped needing it as much. If i can do it, you guys can. Stay strong.

        • Day 16 still doin good. I was just curious if anyone else has more dreams after quitting? I seem to have more dreams and they are more vivid. Its absolutely wonderful, I love it. Stay strong guys.

  73. I’m on the second month of not dipping and dipped last night.. Woke up feeling like crap… Throat felt horrible ….I’m really gonna do this.. Just get back on the saddle and keep moving foward … We are all inn this together and we need to be accountable for EACHOTHER ….-killing the can

  74. Bruce -

    Bruce – Ive been dipping all my adult life about a can a day for 35 years. Trust me it will not be easy, but with the help of all these people on this site, you can do it. If you slip up, hey- you start over. I have a son your age and found a can of straight Skoal in his truck last week. What I told him was that if he wanted to live his life around nicotine, then keep on dippin this s***, if not quit today and do not look back. It has been a milstone around my neck, please stick with your plan and stay on course.

  75. BTW – Im on dat 6 of the rest of my life and feel great. I know its a long road, but you gotta start somewhere. This site and the helpful comments haved been a blessing. Rounded up all my old cans last night and ceremoniously threw them away. I chew gum and “dip” sugar free mints. My family is really supporting me. Thanks again for this site!!

  76. Corey –
    We started (quit) about the same time. Im a Skoal Original man – 35 years. Wish I had never taken that first dip. I keep a round tin of Gum in my pocket as a pacifier. I did find early on I needed a nicotene fix, so I would chew a 4mg piece of Nicorete with a couple of pieces of sugar free gum. Im not a gum chewer, but this has not been too bad. Now I find the gum alone keeps me going, so after a week, the nicotene must be out of my system. Im sleeping better and feel more rested. Let me know if I can help.

  77. Hey guys I’m 16 and have been dipping for 2 1/2 years and want to quit before it gets worse. I recently went two days without one and gave in a night after work. I know that’s not a long time at all haha! I was just wondering if anyone else has had failure while trying to quit? If you have could you give me some advice for how to keep going strong with the quit.

  78. I quit 13 months ago. Doesn’t make any difference to your health or how you feel but, life insurance premiums became almost 1/2 after a year.

    • Congrats on a year of freedom. Sorry you’re in the minority of not feeling any better (I know I sure did) but SUPER pumped that your premiums are a lot less!

  79. Please any one?!?!? I been a stubborn addict of tobacco for nine years straight a can a day for six with three to four hour sessions of each dip in my mouth at a time..I got on Ktc and failed after a few months and going to get back on horse today..((((..just has anyone quit and felt abnormal growths on the inner cheek and upper and lower lip??of any kind…

    • Mando – welcome back. Make it stick this time.

      As for stuff on the inner cheek, etc. Yep. It’s actually pretty common to notice stuff. This is (I think) partly due to the fact that you’re not hyper sensitive to anything going on in your mouth and you’re healing. That said, I’m not a dentist / doctor. My general rule of thumb that I tell people is that if it sticks around for more than 2-3 weeks get it looked at. If its less than that then you probably just bit your cheek / lip and you’re good to go.

    • Mando-You CAN do it!. I quit multiple times before May 22, 2011. Today is day 1150. Start a new quit. If I can quit after 35 years I know you can.

  80. I just quit on 7/4/2014 and have been off and on for a Longtime. I chipped my tooth and my dentist said I have a whit patch inside my mouth now I’m scared for my life. I can’t believe I chewed like an idiot if there’s help out there I need it.

  81. Hi I am trying to quit dipping and was wondering if there was a place to get samples of the fake dip I have tried back off and Jake’s and wasn’t the right stuff for me I was looking for a sample so I dont half to buy a set of the fake chew and not like it any help would be greatly appreciated I quit on 7/13/14 not very long but I made the move and want to go for it I am 22 years old and have a 3 year old and one on the way in September.

  82. Today is my 33rd day of not dipping. I feel okay but do sometime have the urge to go get a can. I almost did while i had a stressful project this past weekend, but i kept my mind off of tobacco and just focused on my project of how i was going to resolve this issue. it was a close one but sure am glad i did not fall.

    I quit the day Tony Gynn died. I remember the date as my wife text me. It scared me because i have a 3 year old and he needs me right now more than anything.

    I do think about it sometimes but than god i have my boy who keeps me busy. I just concentrate on him and my wife and the urges are not that strong at all. I feel good this support page is here to help us help ourselves. Keep it up my friends!

  83. Saving money by the day, and also having no regrets of quitting such a nasty habit. I really think this website is filled with good and strong motivated people to help the need of others. The addiction is serious! I just know that I can do it now. #KILLTHECAN #KILLTHECAN #KILLTHECAN

  84. So, I am seriously wanting to quit dipping. I have been doing it for over 20 yrs, and am scared to death! I have tried and failed 3x, and not sure what to do, or how to do it. Got a frog up my butt, and found this website. Read through some of the comments and replies, and decided that I will give this a try. My quit date will be 7/26/2014. Will definitely need all the encouragement I can get. Thank u in advance!!!

  85. I have not quit yet but am 90% there, I started two days ago cutting back I was one can a day everyday and as of yesterday was down to just 4 dips from 4a.m to 2200hrs. I am not using any fake chew to quit have tried before. Have been dipping for 30 years and it’s time to stop. I stopped drinking soda over a week ago and think that may help with quitting the chew. I have joined this site but having trouble navigating around. I plan to be dip free by the 28th of july (next Monday)

  86. John, Man it’s like your in my head. Best of luck. And ya, the first dentist visit after quitting chew for a while was pretty gratifying. I remember her describing my gums as “angry”.
    All the best.

  87. I have been chewing for 30 years. A can a day for the past 20 or so. I made the decision to quit on July 23rd for many reasons. I have not had a chew for 2 days. I chew Copenhagen snuff. I am feeling strange, dizzy and really want a chew. The last time I attempted to quit I lasted 9 days which felt like 9 months…wish I never started this shit and cannot believe how hard it is to quit. It has become such a big part of my life…wish me luck!

  88. Today was my first day quitting and I have had a headache from hell! I quit one time before for 2 and a half months but I am determined that I have got to quit before I get cancer. I’ve dipped since I was 14-15 and I’m 20 now. I dip a can a day and I got some smokey mountain but the urge and feelings are killing me. My head, my stomach, and my foggyness is a bitch too!

  89. I been dipping for about 9 years. I usually go through 1 maybe 2 cans a week. Now a I have little bumps inside my lip with white on the top, lools like pimples but they are hard. I haven’t squeezed them hard yet but was wondering if anyone else has had this and if I should be worried. I’ve already made a dentist app. But this is got me worried and would like some good news. Im close to quitting. For the last 2 days I only have 1 dip a day for about 30 min. Thank you

  90. Hey guys.. Just now deciding to kick the can myself. I’ve been dipping for about 5 yrs and I’ve tried a number of times to quit but stress always seems to lead me right back to the can. I’ve noticed lately in yet another effort to stop that my jaws and gums have become somewhat sore which I know is part of the dipping problem. I gave up cigs and went to dipping from the advice of my doctor oddly enough. Any of you guys ever get a sore jaw bone or gums even after you’ve stopped dipping? I’m not ready to go running to the doctor all worried about it. Just giving this crap up has been harder than I ever imagined it to be.

  91. Day 1 today. First 24 hours down. This totally sucks. I know it’s possible but there were times today it seemed like it wasnt. Wow. This is hard.

  92. Hello everyone! I have been dip free for 149 days (of course I’m keeping track haha). From day one I read through all the comments on this website. I used to use grizzly long cut wintergreen, anywhere from half to a full can a day depending on my mood. Anyway I quit cold turkey, and it was hell. BUT if you really want to quit make no excuses! DO NOT give up or you’ll be right back to day one. AND it was worth it so much there is seriously not a better feeling in the world quitting dipping, I feel like I just ran I 38,291 mile marathon. Seriously just to make my point again I smile every time I think about quitting knowing I just conquered nicotine. YOU CAN DO IT! Never ever tell yourself that you can’t do it because trust me you can!!!

    P.S. If you tell yourself “oh one more dip and I’ll stop chewing after that” it won’t happen you got to kind of surprise yourself and just Stop out of nowhere.

  93. I’m officially 19 days in, I started dipping when I was in high school. I was a baseball player. I played in high school, college and seven years of pro-ball and now coach baseball in college. I had dipped for 13 years and I once stopped for a year and caved playing video games with my brother. I always made the excuse while I was playing that I would quit when I stopped playing because I couldn’t hit with out it. I then made the excuse that it was too hard to quit because of the amount I am around it.

    I was actually lucky enough to meet Tony Gwynn several times over the past couple of years (while he was at San Diego st.) and saw his condition worsen. I actually played against his son in law and had developed a good relationship with him over the years. When Mr. Padre passed last month all I could think about was how it affected his family. How much his family loved him and how much they must hurt everyday. Tony was always larger than life and for him to not be able to beat this really let me know (not that I didn’t already ) how real and terrible this habit truly is.

    I have two sons and a beautiful wife. I want see my children live to grow up and chase their dreams just as I have and continue to. I am not going to let this addiction jeopardize my ability to do that anymore.

  94. Today is Day 1 of quitting for me. Copenhagen Long Cut user for 8 years, have tried to quit several times in the past but never fully committed myself to it. With the help of Smokey Mountain Classic and a few Hooch flavors that just arrived in the mail today, I’m hoping to get tobacco and nicotine free and stay that way. Here’s to beginning the journey and as the late Ronnie James Dio said… WE ARE COMING….HOME.

    • Today is day 257 for me, Your next two weeks are gonna be hell, get some type of help, After 31 years I know that there’s not much of a chance quitting on your own. Get chantix, it flat out makes it possible to quit !!!!!!!

  95. Get your mind right. Today is day 154 for me. I tried 5 times before. It didn’t work then because I half assed it. Get your mind right and throw the can away today. Don’t wait until Monday like I used to do. Get some bac off or smokey mountain and just deal with it. It’s going to suck for a month or so. I don’t miss it at all now.

  96. I’ll tell you this I was only on the site for 4 days (they booted me off because of age) and the support was great and still is some of my quit brothers I tall to every day.. they keep me in check I am a little stressed and upset that I got kicked from the site but I’ll be back and if your considering joining do it it’s the best decision you’ll make quit wise

  97. I was searching for an answer to how long it takes for nicotine to not show in my urine for a screening. I have been chewing for 32 years. I chew about 2 cans a week (Copenhagen) but have been as high as a1.5 cans a day. I have also quit for a couple years at a time now and again and can pretty much quit at will w/o physical withdrawals. I get checked regularly for any signs of side effects from my habit but as of yet have no symptoms of any problems. I suppose I am one of the fortunate ones.

    Quite frankly I like chewing. I am glad for all those who have quit and for health reasons I encourage people to do so. I am glad none of my children/grandchildren have picked up this habit but I don’t see myself ever quitting until there is an alternative that I enjoy as much. I don’t need/crave the nicotine even when I quit. What I crave is the savory taste. I know there used to be (maybe still is) a mint substitute for snuff. Is there anything like that which is savory?

  98. 3 wks nicotene free. I have come to a conclusion Fake dip works. Chewing gum is almost as good. Physical withdrawl is long gone. My prooblem is the mental side. I drive a truck 300 to 400 miles a day on some of the most boring piece oc interstate. I get alot of time to fidget around Thats where fak dip comes in handy

  99. Day 99 and I’m very dependent on Smokey Mountain and sunflower seeds now. Any suggestions for the next step?

  100. I chewed the fake stuff daily (can + per day) for a good 220 days into my quit. Then one day… I just didn’t need it any more. My suggestion would be to use it till you don’t need it any more. The overwhelming majority of people will eventually just put it down and not look back.

  101. What do you mean dependent? Needing an oral fix? Try keeping a water bottle with you and taking a swig instead of a seed.

  102. Keep eating seeds and quit with the smokey mountain. Or continue with both

  103. 5 wks almost gave in I found a can in my drawer. I dont know how long it had been there it was all dried up . I thought heck its only one. WRONG! It would have been an excuse to lie to myself as to why I started again So I threw the weed into the toilet

  104. What types of fake dip did you find help full?

  105. John – There are some outstanding fake dips out there. Is there a particular brand or flavor you’re trying to replicate? I’m happy to point you in the right direction.

  106. I’m trying to replicate Kodiak wintergreen the only dip I have used for the last 20 years.

  107. I have been chewing the smoky mountain stuff and it is pretty good. I only tried Kodiak and can’t remember what it was like. I am finding that it really isn’t the taste (for me), as much as having something in my lip.

  108. After 27 years of only using Kodiak, I have been trying to find a good alternative, and after 3 weeks of being tobacco and nicotine free, smokey mountain seems to the best fake dip I have found! 3 weeks down the rest of my life to go.

  109. It’s true. Once you decide to quit, you can NEVER go back. I quit a few times and each time I went back, it was a worse addiction. It’s been over 4 years now (quit) and I still use the herbal snuff and I never even think of real tobacco anymore.

  110. Hard love!!!!! If you quit for 1 truly solid week and you go back I say FUCK YOU !!! I chewed for 31 years before I truly quit,I’m in my 5th month of my quit. Just bought a brand new truck as my reward. The money I save almost covers the payment. This is the way it is, if you make it a week you can make it forever, don’t let that brown bitch control what you do, when you do it or keep you from your family

  111. I’m thinking about purchasing some fake dip. Usually do Skoal Wintergreen. So far Hooch and Smokey mountain are my top choices, but they say Hooch isn’t quite like long cut and that Smokey Mountain stains your teeth and is messier than Hooch. What about longetivity? Any suggestions????

  112. Thinking about looking into some fake dip. Usually purchase Skoal Wintergreen. So far Hooch and Wintergreen seem like my best too options, but I hear Hooch isn’t quite “long cut” and stains the teeth and can be a little too “harsh” to feel like real dip. However, SM I hear stains teeth and is super messy. What about longetivity and flavor? Advice and suggestions?? I’ll take as much as I can get!

  113. Lex & Ty – reviews, coupons, etc. here. I’ve tried just about all of them. My personal reviews are located here: If you’re a Skoal Wintergreen guy I’d point you to Hooch, Holt or Elicit to get you started, but there are SEVERAL great products out there. Let me know if you’ve got any specific questions… happy to help!

  114. Thank you so much!! Ty tried some Smokey Mountain because it’s all our local store sells and we have yet to get our Hooch…he said that it did not have the Skoal tobacco feel or the wintergreen taste. So my question is, will the Hooch Wintergreen be close to the Skoal tobacco feel and wintergreen taste he is looking for? He’s very excited about trying the Hooch! And will it be long-cut enough for him? That is his usual cut of choice.

    Please reply, and thank you for your help!

  115. I’ve often gone on record as saying Hooch Wintergreen (for me) is as close to the real thing as you can find on the market. It won’t be quite that “long” cut he’s looking for, but Hooch DID just come out with a “rough” cut which is much closer.

  116. Today while at Walmart I decided not to buy a can of smokey mountain, Im also on Day190 of my quit. no urges but I’ve been drinking a lot more lately. I’m not sure if it’s cause it’s finally gotten nicer here in the northeast or if I’m substituting alcohol for my ex-addiction.

  117. So we should go for the Hooch Wintergreen rough cut, yes?

  118. Day 243, I curbed my drinking, I drink only 3-4 evenings a week which is better than every night. I still would love to have a pinch but don’t want it all at the same time. I also just came from the dentist and the didn’t beat me up about my teeth this time, pretty cool !!!. I miss my old friend but I’ll get past this part of my life simply because I refuse to be controlled by tobacco or anything or anyone!!!

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